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Welcome to the Hermes project.

What is this project I hear you all asking.

Hermes.. messenger of the Greek Gods... so it has something to do with messages.

Many of us have web-based e-mail accounts, such as Hotmail, which we regularly check when we are online. If any of you are remotely like me, you waste alot of time just logging in and out of various accounts. The Hermes project aims to create a means of access that is versatile enough to allow fast and simple access to those various web-based e-mail accounts. Currently there is a sidebar tab with 15 available web-mail services.. but the aim is to have a better system.

As well as current screenshots there are a few 'proof of concept' files that are accessible which should give an idea of what this project is about. I desperatly need help because, while I have a few ideas, I only have limited ability. I'm sure that a few more people on board (especially those with experience at making complicated sidebar tabs) would speed this project up no end.

Hermes 0.2.13 sees the last of the 0.2.x versions with a few minor changes. Soon the very first 0.3.x release will be rolled out for experimentation. 0.3.x sees a change over to a XUL interface, optional sidebar and/or floating window, and username/password saving.

Note There seems to be a problem with the recent sidebar causing Hermes to no longer work - under investigation. FIXED.

Note There is a debug alert in hermes caused by a bug in Mozilla. Bug not fixed.. but alert message removed.

Hermes bugs: Please help us by reporting any problems/bugs check here for currently known issues.

Contact details: Azrael -

Feedback: I am very eager for feedback.. please help make this project better visit this page.

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What's New
See news only.
31/12/2003: xHermes works again :) Still BETA release.
30/05/2002 0.2.13 xpi is now available - minor changes before 0.3.x versions.
27/04/2002 Hermes on tour section created.
14/04/2002 0.2.12 xpi is now available - minor changes before 0.3.x versions.
6/02/2002 0.2.11 is now available.

0.2.13 Downloads for
0.2.10-13 Downloads for February - April 2002
Hermes: ~1350

The hermes project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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