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[1] Submitted by: Azrael Monday December 31st 2001
I am very eager for feedback.. please.. if you are a regular user of Hermes please join the mailing list and/or leave a message here saying how often you use Hermes, which services you use, and what improvements you want to see, and what features you think are the best. Many thanks
[2] Submitted by: Azrael Monday December 31st 2001
I am very eager for feedback.. please.. if you are a regular user of Hermes please join the mailing list and/or leave a message here saying how often you use Hermes, which services you use, and what improvements you want to see, and what features you think are the best. Many thanks
[3] Submitted by: Peter Bartecki Thursday January 24th 2002
Great work.. ;) just downloaded and intalled v .2.10 and it rocks :)

My thoughts: Hermes needs customization booth so users will be able to: - activate/deactivate services (to display only their lovely mail services) - decide whether Hermes should remember their passwords or not.

Other than that.. ;) 2 thumbs up ! pete

[4] Submitted by: Azrael Friday January 25th 2002
The customisation is a very valid point. It is something I would love to see also.. but is a little too difficult for me right now :( However about password saving.. this is something that Mozilla itself can do .. and when Hermes was a html file it used to offer (but not work well - this resulted in a bug report which never got 'fixed') - however now Hermes is a xml file Mozilla doesn't even offer. This I feel is an important issue .. and Mozilla by default should be set to also prompt to save passwords for xml files as it does for html.

Thank you for the feedback, and the praise.. it is always very good to know there are happy end users. I hope to be able to do more in regard to your points in a future version - fingers crossed.

[5] Submitted by: Mirko Riemer Thursday February 7th 2002
Hermes is a very fine Sidebar tool for Mozilla. I can´t download the Version 0.2.11 why ??? see you soon
[6] Submitted by: Azrael Thursday February 7th 2002
0.2.11 was mussed up a little.. it should now be fixed. Due to a crappage in my system I can't test it right now .. if it isn't satill fine I'll get onto it and stamp it out flat. Thanks for the praise Mirko :)
[7] Submitted by: Dan Jensen Thursday February 7th 2002
"404:src/hermes-0.2.11.xpi was not found on this server" I'd love to be able to use and test the new version of Hermes. However, it doesn't appear to exist on the webserver, as attested by immediate download times and the aforementioned error.
[8] Submitted by: Azrael Friday February 8th 2002
Now I feel really silly.. in a rush I named the file 0-2-11 instead of 0.2.11 - ok.. all solved...
[9] Submitted by: Dan Jensen Saturday February 9th 2002
Much better. This release deserves heavy applause. Thanks, Azrael.
[10] Submitted by: Michiel Ypma Saturday February 16th 2002
Love Hermes, but hate it's looks, sorry... is a classic or modern ui version possible? And if it isn't to much work, is there a easy way to select (or deselect) webmail services i don't use (with a radio button menu for instants)? Just saw somebody allready mentioned it! So it is a good idea.
[11] Submitted by: Azrael Saturday February 16th 2002
I won't go so far as saying I also hate the looks.. but I do know what you mean.. and shift over to XUL has been considered and will be done - though no time scale on that as of yet. Preference setting... absolutly.. it is a must have.. and so will be aimed for :)
[12] Submitted by: TTP Monday February 18th 2002
I've been using Hermes for sometimes and I like it a lot. I would like to request for Hermes to have the option of starting directly with my webmail provider. That way I don't have to select Yahoo, then which Yahoo, ... you know what I mean. Anyway, thank you.
[13] Submitted by: Azrael Tuesday February 19th 2002
Another pref issue to add to my list :)
[14] Submitted by: Doug Wolfe Wednesday February 27th 2002
Forgive me Azreal but I cannot see the use of a sidebar panel that does not remember the login and passwords. If I have to type it in to your sidebar then I might as well go to the site and type it in there right? What am I missing here?
[15] Submitted by: Azrael Thursday February 28th 2002
1) It does save time visiting the login pages. That makes a difference for people who are on slow connections. Heck, I find it useful.

2) You're right. It should remember usernames/passwords. I want it to! So far that hasn't been possible, but I'm always on the lookout for help in that regard. Have any implemetation ideas?

[16] Submitted by: Doug Wolfe Thursday February 28th 2002
Forgive my impertanance as I am not a developer but couldn't you use a cookie to keep track of it until the developers get the password manager to react to XUL? I know cookies are generally evil but in this case....
[17] Submitted by: Azrael Thursday February 28th 2002
Actually yes I could.. that's a good idea.. in the short term.. I know how to do cookie stuff! Let me think about it :)
[18] Submitted by: shipdoc Saturday May 11th 2002
Great implementation but I had a problem loading Hermes 0.2.12 on W2K with Moz RC2

The xpi created directory and file .....chromehermescontentaddpanel.xul BUT the script was looking for ......chromePackagesCoreaddpanel.xul

when I copied all files to ....chromePackagesCoreaddpanel.xul

and went to chrome://hermes/content/addpanel.xul it installed.



[19] Submitted by: b smith Friday June 14th 2002
My MSN mail will not work with the hotmail selection . Everything else works a-1 .
[20] Submitted by: alex Sunday June 16th 2002
Hi, it would be great if you could give an average user like me a description on how to install your tool and how to use it. The information given might be sufficient for freaks but since mozilla 1.0 is out the browser will become much more popular and will be used not only by "insiders" but also from normal users.
[21] Submitted by: Sam Katz Sunday June 16th 2002
Pardon me.. the developers, and Mozilla users are human beings. Include some information: What version are you trying to install? beta or regular 1. example: While trying the old release..I got through the XPI (installer)..what do I do next? 2. Go to this address. chrome://hermes/content/addpanel.xul

If you did not see a download box with a downloaded completed successfully message, head here:

Then, after adding the panel to your sidebar, see above, press f9 and choose your mail service, and login.

[22] Submitted by: Alex Thursday June 20th 2002
Hi Sam,

I tried it like a dozen times the other day and it just did not work. Today everything worked fine. Can Hermes also remember my username and password? Because otherwise it would not be of great benefit to me. I can just bookmark the web mailer site and then login.

[23] Submitted by: pbartecki Friday June 21st 2002
Hermes 0.3 (beta version) can remember your passwords - give it a try and brave you have to be as crashes it a lot.. ;) [I like Master Yoda]. greets pete.
[24] Submitted by: Francis Saturday June 22nd 2002
I love the password remembering in 0.3! works fine for me. I also added a page - I'll email it you directly
[25] Submitted by: Randy Tuesday June 25th 2002
Hermes is pretty cool and can certainly save some time. However, it would be great if a listing of mail for you provider could show up in the sidebar window in a compressed format sort of like news on sidebar. This would help to monitor for new mail. Once I noticed mail I want to read - clicking on it could pull it up in the main window.

Since I started using Mozilla I miss having Yahoo Companion toolbar to help me monitor my mail - this would help! Thanks :)


[26] Submitted by: Azrael Wednesday June 26th 2002
Nice in theory.... but not tremendously easy.. afaik
[27] Submitted by: Robert Bindler Monday July 22nd 2002
[28] Submitted by: pbartecki Wednesday July 24th 2002
Where? ;)
[29] Submitted by: Ankush Garg Saturday August 3rd 2002
Although I have never tried hermes, I feel it has a gr8 potential as a killer feature of mozilla, just like Tabs (from multizilla).

My suggestions for hermes are: 1)Integrate ICQ 2002a Beta Build #3728 in hermes (with some if not all features).

This gives: a) 180 SMS Networks worlwide compatibility. b) Ability to chat within sidebar akin to Netscape 7. c) Other features of ICQ.

2) get more mail servers like

3) new mail recieved alert / sound in side bar.

[30] Submitted by: Azrael Saturday August 3rd 2002
Ankush: thanks for your comments.. but perhaps you could try Hermes before suggesting things that are wildly out of reach at the moment :) And what's so special about ICQ 2002a Beta Build #3728? Why not just ask for general icq support? (Which you're not going to get anyway :)
[31] Submitted by: FameWolf Monday August 19th 2002
I use which uses IMAP..any chance Hermes could support it in future for checking of mail? Does it only check inbox or all available folders for unread messages?
[32] Submitted by: Azrael Monday August 19th 2002
Hermes acts as a short-cut service to web-mail providers. It also now saves passwords. Hermes provides a local login/password screen (as opposed to navigating to your webmail providers login page) and therefore speeds up webmail access a little. Hermes is also a very convenient way to keep all your webmail passwords. Hermes does not check your email in any way. It simply handles login. Hermes serves no functions of IMAP .. mozilla already handles imap mail.
[33] Submitted by: LAltonG Tuesday August 27th 2002
Great tool. The only thing I see is simply that there are only the 15 services, and the one I use is not listed here. If there was some way for those of us that use unlisted services to add them, it would be wonderful. As far as the future concepts, I like the possibility of being able to add webmail as an account to Mozilla's mail.
[34] Submitted by: Sunday September 22nd 2002
may i recommend that is registered?
[35] Submitted by: Y!Fan Monday November 11th 2002
Well, it is a great idea. But I need some help here. I installed 0.2.13, but could not see any new tabs on the sidebar even after restarting and going to the link provided. So I installed 0.3 pre-2 and although I now get access through the tools menu, I don't see anything on the sidebar. Can you help? And oh, I looked at your future wishes/plans, and if you can materialize them, that would be the greatest thing since the invention of mozilla itself :).
[36] Submitted by: Y!Fan Monday November 11th 2002
Well, it is a great idea. But I need some help here. I installed 0.2.13, but could not see any new tabs on the sidebar even after restarting and going to the link provided. So I installed 0.3 pre-2 and although I now get access through the tools menu, I don't see anything on the sidebar. Can you help? And oh, I looked at your future wishes/plans, and if you can materialize them, that would be the greatest thing since the invention of mozilla itself :).
[37] Submitted by: Azrael Monday November 11th 2002
After installing 0.2.13 you say you went to the link provided? Did you just click on it or did you paste it into the address bar?

For security reasons, you need to manually input the chrome address.

[38] Submitted by: Y!Fan Monday November 11th 2002
I cut and pasted the link in the address bar... still nothing.
[39] Submitted by: Azrael Tuesday November 12th 2002
You know what? I don't think Hermes works in Mozilla 1.2b yet. I don't know what changes have occured in Mozilla.. but I'll try and see if I can fix it. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to e-mail me!
[40] Submitted by: Y!Fan Saturday November 16th 2002
Hi, I just posted a message to 3 Mozilla user newsgroups (wishlist, general, and win32) about this project, and asking for people with the right expertise to lend you a hand, hope you don't mind. And you might try (if you haven't already) posting your ideas to a developer newsgroup, I'm sure there would be help. Thanks for this project, and I for one would love to see this implemented ASAP.
[41] Submitted by: Adam C Saturday November 30th 2002
Hermes should also include in it's options - unless there's an easy way to include it, which I haven't looked into (if this is the case, please forgive me and ignore me). It would be good to include this as a default account though. :-)
[42] Submitted by: Azrael Saturday November 30th 2002
It is easy to add.. however it is a manual process. So I shall try to include it in the next release. However are some bugs need fixing first :(
[43] Submitted by: AdamC Monday December 2nd 2002
Thanks Azrael - in fact, I have a more difficult problem with my win 2000 machine - upgraded to mozilla1.2 and then tried to add hermes - but when I visit the Chrome link (chrome://hermes/content/addpanel.xul) the browser asks me if I want to download or open the file with a different application. This prevents hermes from being added to the sidebar - is there another workaround for this?

Thanks in advance.

[44] Submitted by: d-b Thursday December 5th 2002
I'm having the same problems with AdamC.
[45] Submitted by: Adamc Thursday December 5th 2002
Upgraded to Moz 1.2.1 and still the same error - however with 1.1, it was fine - this needs investigating - not sure about my linux box - nope, hermes lives nicely on 1.2.1 on linux. Just a win thing
[46] Submitted by: Azrael Thursday December 5th 2002
Hermes does not work in recent releases of Mozilla due to what I determine are slight sidebar changes. I am not sure what these changes are.. and have been unable to make progress with fixing the problem in hermes.
I am hoping that I will be able to resolve the problem as soon as possible - however am very busy with other things right now, and would appreciate any help that could be offered.
[47] Submitted by: DAM2 Wednesday December 18th 2002
I am using 1.3a and after installing Hermes and then pasting and going to the chrome page, I get a blank page. Even though Hermes will not load as sidebar tab, if I use explorer and go to the content subfolder of the hermes subfolder of chrome under mozilla, double click on the hermes.xml file, the program will load and run as a tab in the browser. From there, it works fine. I don't know if this offers any clues as to fixing the missing sidebar tab, but thought it should be mentioned.
[48] Submitted by: dirk Friday January 3rd 2003
great idea! dl
[49] Submitted by: michael Friday January 3rd 2003
good job! mm
[50] Submitted by: JoeF Saturday January 11th 2003
With Moz 1.2.1 under W2K, I have the same problem as reported by DAM2. Haven't tried with Linux yet.

[51] Submitted by: JoeF Thursday January 23rd 2003
I did some research on this, and found why adding to the sidepanel doesn't work:
There were some changes for getting the file URL in Mozilla 1.2.
Here is the diff to have Hermes added to the side panel:

--- addpanel.js.orig 2002-02-18 18:15:00.000000000 -0800

+++ addpanel.js 2003-01-23 06:37:42.000000000 -0800
@@ -115,8 +115,8 @@

return null;


- var file_url = Components.classes[STD_URL_CONTRACTID].createInstance(Components.interfaces.nsIFileURL);

- file_url.file = sidebar_file;

+ var ios = Components.classes[";1"].getService(Components.interfaces.nsIIOService);

+ var file_url = ios.newFileURI(sidebar_file);

debug("sidebar uri is " + file_url.spec);

return file_url.spec;

[52] Submitted by: Azrael Thursday January 23rd 2003
JoeF: thanks very much for your comment. I implemented it, and tried it out. And the result reminded me that I have tried something like that before.. and got the same result. Which isn't pretty. However I don't think I ever made the icky result public. If you want to mail me privately I can e-mail you the resulting xpi to show you what happens.
Have you actually tried this solution yourself with success? If so I am interested to hear from you. I try it with Moz1.3a and get no joy :(
looking forard to hearing form anyone with any ideas to help
[53] Submitted by: JoeF Friday January 24th 2003
I'm by no means an expert on doing this kind of Mozilla programming (although I am a professional programmer, but I usually use C++ and Java).
Essentially, what I did was looking through the source code, and doing a Google search for nsIFileURL. After looking through some of the search results, I found this:
and from there it was fairly easy.
In any case, with this, Hermes shows up in the sidebar on Moz 1.2.1 and I can log in to my Yahoo account.
It may well be that they changed it again in the 1.3 branch, though.

[54] Submitted by: Thorazine Wednesday February 19th 2003
With Mozilla 1.3b no hermes sidepanel
chrome://hermes/content/addpanel.xul does nothing visibly.

[55] Submitted by: matt Thursday February 20th 2003
With mozilla 1.2.1 on Windows and 1.3b on Linux, I couldn't get a sidepanel. I made the change above and tried to reload addpanel.xul, but got nothing. Of course, I got the "download / open with..." dialogue when i tried to load it again, which apparently is because it is loading the xul from cache and doesn't know how to handle it (?). So I tried hitting 'cancel' on that dialogue and then refreshing the page, hoping it wouldn't load from luck. No response at all, even though I changed the "debug" variable at the top of addpanel.js to "true". Nothing in the javascript console.
Ideas? I know nothing of XUL or mozilla's API, but I can do javascript and so on.


[56] Submitted by: Peter from frell Thursday February 27th 2003
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[57] Submitted by: Posicionamiento Monday March 17th 2003
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[58] Submitted by: jonh Friday April 11th 2003
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[59] Submitted by: Paul Saturday April 19th 2003
Thanks you for the web, it is what I needed to complete my work.
You do a very good work and you must feel proud of it.

[60] Submitted by: Tim Katz Monday April 21st 2003
Thanks for the work, it looks like a really cool tool.

If you could tell me whether Excite mail is supported, I would greatly appreciate it. I tried to look it up myself, but the link on this site to the Changelog file (changelog.txt) is broken.


[61] Submitted by: Azrael Monday April 21st 2003
Hermes is still broken.. so no excite.. no anything. I am hesitant to put any effort into fixing it with the new direction of Mozilla/Firebird. I want to see for example if Firebird has a sidebar to which tabs can be added.. etc
[62] Submitted by: Ron Monday April 28th 2003
Got here via Google. Quite a nice site and a good design. Good work.

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[68] Submitted by: Vaibhav Friday May 30th 2003

Mozilla stops working after installing multizilla.

[69] Submitted by: Breadcrust Wednesday June 4th 2003

it would be great to see a small system to access pop3 emails on the go in hermes. if you arn't interested, i would be happy to give it a go

J @ r e d

[70] Submitted by: Varios Friday July 4th 2003

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[74] Submitted by: Guybrush Thursday August 21st 2003

This sounded like a really cool project, and i was eager to test it out. Sadly, it doesn't work in Mozilla Firebird, and i'm a firebird kinda guy. I'll be back once (if) you get it to work in FB.
Looks awesome though!

[75] Submitted by: Andreas Koll Wednesday August 27th 2003


few years ago, i tried to develop something like hermes myself, but i was un i was very happy to have a view to your source code. as i remember back, i was a very bad programmer. so good work. work on!


[76] Submitted by: Alex Sunday August 31st 2003

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